Thursday, December 26, 2013

So, an era ends

Happy Thanksgiving
In three hours, the matriarch of our hodgepodge family will depart on a grand adventure that includes islands, motor cycles, and mediocre life decisions. I am petty and jealous, but more importantly, I am excited for a woman more sister than friend to embark on this fantastic journey.

I know that as she makes her way through the dusty back roads of Cambodia and clogged thoroughfares of Bangkok, she will gain knowledge and experiences to which bright, shiny tourists are not privy. She took an active role in shaping her dreams to form realities. She is the real deal. She 
is a traveler. 

I, on the other hand, never meant to be worldly. I never meant to travel. I never meant to do any of the things I am currently doing.

I ran away. I ran away from responsibility. I ran away from emotion. I ran away from everything that made me who I am. And, sometimes, you have to do that. I am guilty of using travel as an escape. But, instead of using Korea as a moment in time, a first chapter in a nomadic lifestyle, I found a home in myself. I found a strength I did not know I possessed. I found a voice and a means to use it.

K was instrumental in this process. She forced me to live all of the parts of my life. She held my hand when I needed support. She pushed me out of the nest when I needed to fly. And, she mended me when I needed to heal.
We're all hand models

She is not running away. She is running towards. She is running towards her best friend, towards adventure, towards the life she is meant to live. I am excited for when our quests collide again.

When I hugged her goodbye, I told her I made a spot in my right atrium that has her name on it. The space comes equipped with floor heating, hammocks, and puppies who aren't douche canoes. She thought that was a pretty fair trade. Of course, I am going to miss her. But, I know that she is doing exactly what makes her happy, and that is so much more important. 

To all of those who are running away or running towards or running just to feel the wind, adventure on.
Nailed it

Sunday, December 8, 2013

So, it gets a little hairy

Shaved—Submission: JL

Please don’t confuse Shaved with the 1983 cult classic film “Saved” shtarring Sean Connery, in which Connery attempts to write an anonymous love letter to his perceived arch nemesis, but his computer continuously malfunctions in ways that prohibits him to save the document.

This film received 5 Tevas because Sean Connery was shimply shtunning.

No, Shaved transports us into a Seussian land. Men, women, and children have beautiful flowing beards braided with Truffula silks. Merc, age seven, resents his beard. It prohibits him from deftly climbing trees and skillfully skipping rope. He confesses his discontent to his best friend Flaunuva, who urges him to keep quiet. She reminds him of the consequences of professed anti-beard leanings: eating soup served without a spoon for the rest of his life; receiving last pick as a beard braiding partner; and teetor-tottering with someone who outweighs you, which is always the worst. Merc searches deep within himself in hopes of finding the steely resolve necessary to adhere to the socio-cultural demands of his world. Does Merc find happiness within his flaxen facial hair or does he go against everything he’s known to live freely, but as an outcast?

This book received 4 ¼ Tevas.     

PS If you are confused as to what is happening, please read this and it should all make sense.