Sunday, January 27, 2013

So, the sky is a playground

My seat, a chariot aboard a plane. As the engine gurgles, then hums, then buzzes to life, I know that I transcend time and space--even if it is just for a moment.

The wheels and pavement kiss goodbye, knowing that someday they will be together again. As the nose of the plane sniffs the rushing wind, reaching higher and further than just a minute ago, I look down at the receding city. Maybe there is a child, like a past me, who waves at every passing plane, wondering if someone is waving back. Never fear, child, I see you, and I love you. Never let your adventure fade. Never stop chasing what you love.

Bemused, I watch as the plane monkeys through the branches of the atmosphere. In a burst of twilight, we break through the clouds. Fields of purple cotton candy stretch beyond measure. Neither miles, nor meter, nor clicks, nor leagues can quantify it. This is forever, and never. It is all that is, all that has been, and all that will be.

Apollo and his flames give way to Artemis and her bow. The first glimpse of stars mirror the urban twinkle below. Zephyrs toss us about. We are playing tag, and and we are It. The airplane flaps open and close determined to chase them.

The blinking red eye of the plane makes us easy to find. No hide and seek for us. We'd prefer kick the can or capture the flag. Surely, the gods play Night Games. Dionysus shares his fermented wealth. Hephaestus tinkers and hammers keeping us afloat. And, before me, Demeter spreads a feast of fruit and grain. Athena on the right and Ares on the left keep watch to make sure we are safe. Hermes titters ahead, announcing our arrival. And, Aphrodite's beauty shines through the sunset, enclosing us in a tangerine orb.

Together, we play- chasing towards the sun, running from the night. If tired, we rest upon the puffed up clouds. Uncle Zeus and Aunt Hera smile down, grinning while we frolic about in a place where time does not exist; there is no measurement of space. Papa Poseidon greets us with waves, and finally, I am once again whole.

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