Thursday, November 21, 2013

So, I need your thoughts

Alright, it has almost been 60 days since my last post. For a lot of September and October, my brain and heart were fighting. It did not leave me much time to create (don't worry, we've worked out a system. On even numbered dates, my brain gets control; on odd numbered dates, my heart calls the shots. Note to parents: This also works well with siblings who want to sit in the front seat when they're old/big enough).

This November, I've been working on a little something, but it isn't ready, nor will it be ready in the next nine days. BUT, I have been writing.

So, instead of feed you excuses, I am going to invite you to help me out. I had a brain storm while talking to my buddy, Anton. Give me the title of a book, and I will write a little diddy about what I think happens. Here is a teaser.

Title: The Husband's Secret
Response: His secret is that he got a pet dinosaur, but wasn't able to sustain him with table scraps as he had anticipated. So, he fed the dinosaur his youngest child. He explained her absence as an extended trip to his mother's house.

I would like you to post in the comments/message me on facebook titles *you* would like explained. Note: They can be real or fake titles.

Double note: If one story catches my fancy, I might write an extended version and post it on the bloggity blog.

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