Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not a whole lot is better than taking a nap,

BUT there are a few things.

1. Listening to acapella sensation show "The Sing-Off" while snacking on jam, bread and tea.  Unfortunately, I was not in Austria, nor am I a governess or will I be chased by Nazis at the end of the movie.

2. Sending my finalized application for South Korea tomorrow.

3. Getting my favorite kinds of flowers, "Just because we love you."

4. Being snuggled (read: beat up) by a five year old boy while he's sleeping, knowing that when he wakes up, you can tell him how much you love him.

5. Cleaning my apartment.

6. Wearing shorts on half-November.

7. Watching students finally "get it."

8. Reading my friend Matt Bougie's writing on agnosticism, which really showcases interesting and insightful opinions about which I have never thought.  

9. Opening my fridge and seeing cheese, beer, and tortilla shells.  When did I become "that guy?"  I think it was right after the Spinach Escapade of Aught Nine and The Great Peanut Debacle of Twenty Ten.

10. Headbutting. Everyone.

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