Monday, May 28, 2012

So, today is Buddha's birthday

Which means no school today, huzzah!

Sunday was the final dress rehearsal of the play, and so afterward we all went to the beach to have a pre-show cast party.

We showed up, a gaggle of way-gooks, and put our things down and crack a bottle of wine and the ever so sneaky So ju.  Now, so ju is sort of like a cross between Everclear and rubbing alcohol.  But, if you mix it with Fanta (Sojanta) it tastes like juice and will promptly get you screwed up twelve ways til Tuesday.

Before I had a drink, I was all about playing volleyball.  So, we started bumping around this fluorescent orange flowered volleyball.  We hear a little voice behind us that said, "You play soccer?"  So, we invited the Little Tyke to play soccer with us.  And, holy crap, there is nothing more adorable than an 8 year old Korean boy schooling 5 adults.  He never stopped moving!  He cudgeled his brother into playing, and then the teams became fair.

I had a moment while I was playing that I thought this cannot possibly be my life.  I was playing soccer under a blanket of fireworks and galaxies with a little boy named Tae Ho.  The ocean to my right pulsed with the same vivacity as the blood through my veins.

The evening shifted to night, and Tae Ho had to go.  I went swimming, and came back washed in salt and dreams. We settled in for a sing a long and more volleyball.  I drank in Sojanta and memories.  Last night made for the true Busan experience: the moment that strangers become friends and friends become family.

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