Thursday, June 7, 2012

So, that was fun...

Do you all remember when I swore off Sojanta in my last message.  Psyche! I think it is a beach thing.  Back in the states, if you're on a beach and you're not drinking Corona with a lime, you've have got all kinds of crazy, my friend.  It is the same here, if you are drinking anything but Sojanta on the beach, you aughtta be slapped silly.  (However, there was some Chocovine and red and white wine intake, but not as much intake).

Anyway, the night before a public holiday for Something or Other, I toooooootally crashed a bachelorette party.  I had met about half of the women before, but I just sort of showed up with a friend.  I was holding a baguette, so all was well.

I would just like to comment about the ex-patriot community here.  It goes like this:

Me: Hi, I am Katie.  I just showed up with a Baguette.
Person: Hi, I am ______. That sounds great! Let's be best friends forever.

The expedience with which people form connections is synaptic.  People get so close so quickly.    You enter into these friendships with such vivacity that you cannot even breathe. But, it is always a waiting game.  Everyone has their expiration date.

I met a woman this weekend, we'll just call her Bear Hands for anonymity.  I had met her once or twice before, but then I randomly ran into her at Haeundae beach. Within moments, I was made into a sand mermaid, and we and a bunch of co-mingled friends, were discussing our on philosophical life views, with a hint of existentialism and a wee bit of pretension.  It takes months and years of trust, friendship, and hanging out before I usually become comfortable.  I feel like time it takes to form friendships is akin to the gestation period of Bella Swan's vampbaby, Renesme, who clawed her way out of her mother's LP.  Super weird.  But, the effect is just really fast, really serious.  I like it, but it also throws someone like me who (in a friendship sense) is a test the water before jumping in kind of kid.

And, this is what Bear Hands and I were talking about.  I had said something about not believing that this is the life I am living.  And, that I am still sort of waiting to wake  up from an incredibly awesome dream, and hopefully a cameo from Brian Littrell or Helena Bonham-Carter.

She asked me why did it have to be a dream, and this is something on which I have pondered for a great long time since this conversation.  I think it was that growing up, I was not an adventure seeker or a risk taker.  The only reason I got hurt was because I was too proud to say, "maybe going down that double black diamond my third time skiing is not such a great idea."

Now, it seems as though that I am actually living all of my childhood adventures.  I am hiking up tall mountains, swimming in blue green seas, standing at the top of a subway station wondering how the hell do those posts hold all of this cotton candy wonder above.

I am consistently amazed and surprised by everything here.  Never did I ever think I would be in another Shakespeare play.  Never did I ever think that I would be decent at Ultimate Frisbee.  Never did I ever think that I could be a part of such a bustling community.  You see an ex-pat on the bus or subway, you say hi.  

This dream-like adventure is fantastic for a year or so.  I give mad props to people who can be away for longer.  I feel like I am in the Land of Lotus Eaters.  This life is something so beautiful and sweet.  But, my pragmatic side fears that I will lose touch with reality.  I need that sense of home and safety.  Without it, I just feel like a lost child meandering through the roads and alleys of my introspective brain.

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