Monday, June 16, 2014

So, Tom and Lucinda cross into the woods.

So, Tom and Lucinda cross into the woods

     Tom and Lucinda crossed the river and follow the tree line into the woods. The damp grass from last night’s rain squished under their feet. Tom found his favorite tree, and began to climb. He climbed until he could see the forest spread beneath him. The verdant treetops were a field of broccoli, and Tom was a giant.

     “I am the king,” he cried. “And you are my subjects.”

     The tree’s waved their applause. Birds greeted him and a squirrel sat at his side, an attentive squire. Lucinda brought him a flower bud filled with rainwater.
Tom raised the flower, “A toast. To the kingdom.”

     “To the kingdom,” Lucinda chimed.
Tom looked down as he heard a bark at the base of the tree. Climbing down a few branches, Tom saw Christopher with his front paws on the tree trunk and his back paws ready to jump.

     Tom scrambled down the tree, “Oy! My trusty steed! I knew you’d not forsaken me.” Tom leapt from the final branches and landed lightly on his feet. Christopher bowled him over. “That was some water Lucinda gave me.”

     Christopher barked his agreement. Together they played until dusk. As the sun faded from the sky, Christopher faded. The last beams of daylight flickered, and Tom said, 

     “Good night, buddy. I love you.”

      Christopher gave one last bark, and Tom stretched as night settled in around him. He watched as the stars blinked their eyes open. He waited there until Sirius rose in the sky in hopes of celebrating one more dog day of summer.  

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