Sunday, June 15, 2014

So, Tom and Lucinda go to the caves.

     So, Tom and Lucinda go to the caves
   “Well, on windy days like today, we’d go to the caves. Our pirate flag flies really well,” Tom climbed through the trees and brush to get to the rocky foothills. He plotted a course up the side of the mount-lette and began trekking the narrow winding path. Lucinda floated near him, encouraging him.

     They reached the mouth of the cave system and crept through. They toed deeper into the belly of the mount-lette. Lucinda’s iridescent shoes glowed in the darkening tunnels of the cave. Tom skipped across the packed earth and stone.

     He stopped just short of the edge and started touching the walls as if he were trying to read them. “Ugh, this was Christopher’s job. He always knew where the packed stones stopped the loose ones starte—ah, here we go.”

     He jimmied the rocks just enough to open a small window through which he folded himself. Lucinda glided through without hesitation. On the other side, she saw Tom splashing through an ankle deep pool of water in a cavern that reached towards the heavens. A patch of light shone through the top of the cavern, where it seemed like there just wasn’t quite enough rock to cover it up.

     Tom galloped toward a giant stone shouting, “Ahoy, ahoy. All paws on deck. Hoist the anchors! Ahoy. Ahoy.” Lucinda zoomed after him.

     Tom raised the sail as the wind tunneled through the opening in the ceiling. It whipped about as Tom shuffled from port to starboard and bow to aft checking all the things one must check on a pirate ship before an adventure. “Take the wheel, Christoph—“he shouted. “Oh. Um, Lucinda. Do you know how to steer a pirate ship?”

     “No, but I can try,” she responded. “First you need that thing you look through. What’s that called?”

     “A monocular? A scope? I dunno. I always called it a Looker,” Tom shrugged.
      Lucinda flew over the water, “Okay, I will make you one.”

     “Be careful, there is a drop off to, like, a zillion feet.”

     Lucinda scanned the water. She listened to the slight trickle as the shallow water joined the deep. She spied a large leaf floating on the water, snagged it, and rolled it into a tube. Then, she ran her fingertips through the water turning it bright blue and green. Dipping each end of the leaf in the glowing water, she whispered, “That should just about 
do it.”

     She hurried back to Tom, and sat on his shoulder, “Every good captain need a Looker.”

     Tom hesitated, but peeked through.

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