Monday, June 16, 2014

So, Tom sees heaven.

So, Tom sees heaven.
     “Wow! Holy smacks!” He shouted.

     Through the looker, Tom saw a dense jungle. The trees played side by side with the river running through it. Criss-crossing branches held hands and the water splashed up to keep them cool. Something fast darted across the Looker’s limited scope. And, again it crossed his vision, a little closer this time. In no time, the beast was right next to Tom. Looking down through the Looker,  Christopher sat patiently a his heels waiting for an “Up” command.

     Tom exclaimed, “UP!” and Christopher pounced on him attacking his face with wet puppy kisses. Other animals crawled out of the jungle to the clearing. Christopher brought forth each of his new friends. They greeted Tom, nudged him, and went back to their spots. After the last giraffe introduced himself, Christopher barked once. They broke formation and started traipsing about in groups of three or four mixing species and creating quite an animalistic cacophony.

     Tom and Christopher left the clearing to find some peace and quiet. “I guess you did okay, Buddy.” Tom said. “Do you like your new family?”

     Christopher growled his approval, but then nudged Tom’s leg assuring him that he was the favorite. Tom rested his hand on Christopher’s head and said, “I know.”

     Scratching Christopher’s ears, Tom looked into his eyes and said, “You better watch out for jungle cats. They are way bigger than the ones we have at home. Got it?”
Christopher barked once and licked Tom’s face.

     “Adventure on, Christopher. See you soon.”

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