Sunday, June 15, 2014

So, Tom and Lucinda follow the stream.

     So, Tom and Lucinda follow the stream.

     Tom and Lucinda walk along the water. Tom playfully splashed in the water stirring up muck and mud. The little fish darted away from his feet. He gathered a handful of mud and drew warrior paint on his face.

     The stream changed course into a river. The current strengthened, and they crossed the river at a dam. Tom stopped and sat down with his feet swinging over the edge.

     “This is where I found him,” he breathed.

     Lucinda sat on his shoulder, “Found whom?”

     “Christopher. It had been two minutes since I saw him, so I ran along the bend in the river, just there. There was a girl spitting and coughing on the bank. And, then I saw Christopher floating down the river. I checked to make sure the girl was okay then ran down to get him. She said she had fallen off of the dam, and Christopher leapt from the bank to save her. He took her to the bank. She pulled herself up from the rocks. He tried to do it, too. But, but but he slipped and hit his head. We got to him, but it was too late. He was a hero. And, everyone knew it.”

     “Wow,” Lucinda tapped his ear. “You must be proud though.”

     “Mostly just sad,” Tom wiped his hands on his shorts. “Let’s keep going.”

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