Monday, June 16, 2014

So, Tom and Lucinda follow the river.

So, Tom and Lucinda follow the river

     Tom and Lucinda walk along the banks further than he had ever adventured. The leaves and water harmonized a perfect melody. As they continued, the water crescendoed as the leaves decrescendoed. Tom and Lucinda stumbled across a waterfall.  

     “Wow, this is so cool!” Tom exclaimed. “Christopher would have loved this.”
Lucinda fluttered her wings, “I have something to show you.” She blinked twice. For a moment, the river stopped flowing. The waterfall hiccuped and resumed its incessant thundering.

     “Go ahead, walk through it,” she encouraged him.

     Tom closed his eyes as the droplets washed away any fear or anxiety he’d had. When he opened them, he saw a familiar friend sitting on the ledge.

     “Christopher!” He lost his footing on the mossy stones. But, Christopher beat him to the spot, and Tom fell into a puddle of puppy and moss. “Christopher, I can see through you. What kind of trick is that?”

     “A pretty transparent one,” Christopher guffawed.

     Tom stopped petting Christopher, “And, you talk?”

     “I guess,” he shrugged. “I love you, you know.”
     “So, this isn’t forever?” Tom asked.

     “No, it isn’t forever. But, it is for now. I am so excited for you to keep having adventures. Promise me, you will keep having adventures?” Christopher licked Tom’s face and head butted him.

     “Okay, Christopher. I promise.”

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