Sunday, June 15, 2014

So, Tom turns left at the puppy.

     So, they turned left at the puppy

     turn left at the puppy. The puppy is me. Do you get it? Let’s adventure.

     Tom shook his head and reread the inscription. He ran his hand through his hair, hoping to scratch sense into his brain, “Onward, I suppose.”

     Tom and Lucinda turned left heading east back toward the grocery store. Tom stopped short as they passed the ice cream shop. He walked in and ordered, “Could I please have one scoop of blue moon ice cream and a baby cone of vanilla for Christopher.”

     “So, that is a single scoop of blue moon, and a baby cone for, umm, Christopher?” the clerk sadly asked.

     “Yes, please. Christopher loves—loved—oh, um. I guess just a single scoop for me,” Tom hung his head.

     “What happened to the girl he saved?” the clerk asked.

     Tom’s sad smile shifted, “She is doing really well. We are going to be in fourth grade next year. She comes to my house to play sometimes. She is really happy that Christopher could help. I am sad, but happy. Sadhappy. Do you think that’s okay?”

     “I think you can feel whatever you feel. You are a good friend. She is lucky you and Christopher were playing near the stream that day,” the clerk smiled as she prepared his ice cream.

     “Yeah, she is real lucky. Christopher is not as lucky,” Tom’s breath caught. “But, he is in my heart. And that is good right?”

     The clerk smiled as she gave him his ice cream, “Very good. Good luck, Tom. Have a better day.”

     Tom left the ice cream shop and walked along the outskirts of the city. He followed the dirt roads to where the town snuggled up to the forest. Tom and Lucinda took in the natural beauty around them.

     “Where shall we go from here?” Lucinda asked Tom.

     “Well, some days I like to follow the stream, but I don’t go past the dam. Or, I go up the foothills and play in the caves. Where do you want to go?”

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