Monday, June 16, 2014

So, Tom sees and alternate universe.

     So, Tom sees an alternate universe.

     “Wow! Holy smacks!” He shouted.

     Through the Looker, Tom saw the cavern walls awash in pink and orange hues. His own hand trembled and shook; purple waving in front of his face. Lucinda’s previously pink hair shifted into tawny, and the water moved at a slow, red pace. Swinging the Looker around to investigate his new pirate ship, a grumble bounced off the walls of the cavern. Out of the corner of the looker, a giant bronze statue leapt up from the water onto the deck. “Christopher in Bronze” wagged his mighty head. He shook off the water, and as he did so, the bronze turned to fluff. In a moment’s time, Christopher stood in front of his owner with his tongue lolling. He jumped on Tom and started licking all over his face.

     Christopher pulled back and rested his maw on Tom’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, Tom. I miss you, too.”

     Tom, surprised, responded, "Christopher! You can talk?"

     "I can talk. I can jump. I can do ballet if I really wanted to."

     Tom exclaimed, "This is the best thing ever! I love this magic looker."

     Christopher barked, "Yeah, it is pretty cool. Can we play pirates now?"

     "Of course," Tom said, as he winked at Lucinda and turned the steering wheel to set off on a new adventure. 

The end. (Click to go back ONE option)

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