Sunday, June 15, 2014

So, Tom turns right at the puppy.

     So, Tom turns right at the puppy.

     turn right at the puppy. The puppy is me. Do you get it? Let’s adventure.

     Tom shook his head and reread the inscription. He ran his hand through his hair, hoping to scratch sense into his brain, “Onward, I suppose.”

     After some time, Tom turned to Lucinda, “Where are we going?”

     “I don’t know,” she blushed. “But, I know it is somewhere good.”

     Tom ambled west toward the place where grass and woods melded into a no-human’s land. His breath caught as he paused on the threshold of the deep woods. Wiping at his eyes, he let out his breath.

     “He-he would always stop and sit right there. Like he was asking permission to cross,” Tom whispered.

     “Whom?” Lucinda tilted her head to the side, and sat on Tom’s shoulder.

     “Christopher. He would wait until I said, ‘Go get ‘em.’ Then, he ran around the woods trying to do everything at once. He would check on me every 60 seconds. You could set a clock by him.” 

     “Where did you two adventure?”

     “Some days we walked through the foothills up there and played pirates in the caves. Christopher loved looking for buried treasure. Other days, we followed this stream and played lava monsters in the mud. Mom didn’t like those days. But, those were Christopher’s favorite.”

     “So, where do you think Christopher in Bronze wants us to go?”

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